Natria 706250A Neem Oil Spray for Plants Pest Organic Disease Control

People seem to really like how easy this pesticide is to use. They say the instructions are clear and it's a breeze to spray. But here's the catch: some folks are saying there's barely any neem oil in this stuff - less than 1% apparently! The rest is just other ingredients. And that leads to mixed reviews. Some people swear by it for keeping pests away, while others aren't sure it works that well. Same goes for the price - some think it's a good value, others not so much. So the bottom line is, this pesticide might be super easy to use, but it's a toss-up on whether it actually works and if it's worth the money.

Natria 706250A Neem Oil Spray

Natria 706250A Neem Oil Spray for Plants Pest Organic Disease Control

About this item

  • Right Results: Help stop pests and diseases with Natria Neem Oil Plant Spray; As a multi-use insect repellent for plants; post bud; this fungicide spray can be applied at the first sign of insects or disease on outdoor plants and indoor houseplants
  • Easy-to-Use Neem Oil Pesticide - This neem oil for indoor plants and trees comes in a ready-to-use bottle for easy application; Our fungicide plant spray can be applied in the spring; early summer or fall; and it can be used up to the day of harvest
  • Organic Neem Oil - This multi-purpose plant spray can be used on a variety of indoor and outdoor plants; As a bug and disease spray; our neem oil for plants can be sprayed on plants bearing nuts; fruits; vegetables; or on delicate flowers like roses
  • Versatile Insect Killer Spray - Natria neem oil for indoor plants and ornamental shrubs is designed to kill insects fast; This quality plant bug killer works on aphids; spider mites; whiteflies; caterpillars; fruit flies; midges; beetles; and more
  • Help Control Plant Disease - This organic neem oil for plants can help control disease on plants; Our plant spray for disease care on plants; roses and flowers; helps control blackspot; botrytis; downy mildew; powdery mildew; scab; rust and more



Product Description

Help control pests and diseases with the Natria Neem Oil! This neem oil spray for plants is ready-to-use, with a convenient spray bottle for easy application at the first sign of infestation and disease. These multi-purpose plant sprays for bugs, fungicide and miticide to help you care for indoor and outdoor plants. As a preventative, apply this spray completely on all plant tissue on a 7 to 14-day cycle until the potential for infestation is no longer present. This neem tree oil for plants can be applied in spring, early summer and fall at the first sign of insects or disease to kill bugs quickly and control disease. It can be used as a fungicide for flowering plants, fruits, vegetables and houseplants, and a rose spray for bugs. Our spray for outdoor plants helps control aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, leafhoppers, leafminers, bagworms and other listed species. This rose disease spray can be used up to the day of harvest and can control diseases such as blackspot, mildew, twig blight, needle rust and more. SBM Company is a family-owned industrial group created in 1994 that operates in over 20 countries. We take pride in creating, registering, manufacturing and marketing products that are designed to deliver quality home and plant care. We stand behind our neem oil spray for outdoor plants and houseplants. Our neem oil for plants spray is organic and effective. This plant spray for bugs has been carefully designed to deliver results done right to help take care of plants both inside and outside your home. Product Details: (1) Neem Oil Spray - Size: 24 oz - Active Ingredient: Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil - 0.9% - Also Available in 1 Gallon. EPA Registration Number: 70051-13-92564.

Natria 706250A Neem Oil Spray for Plants Pest Organic Disease Control


See How This Product Helped Others

Works great!

Reviewed by : Julia L

I had two mums that were suddenly covered in bugs. Maybe aphids? I’m not an expert and haven’t had experience with this before.

I bought the neem oil and it was easy to apply. Soaked the leaves as directed in the morning. I even watered that evening as it was a hot day and the plants looked a bit droopy from lack of watering.

A week later, it looks like all the pests are gone. I haven’t even reapplied yet. My mums are still blooming and look great. Very happy with this purchase!


Stinks, but works

Reviewed by : Spencer Millheiser

I work at a preschool and help the kids with their garden. This year, our pumpkins were wiped out by pests before we could get them into the ground. We can't use chemical insecticides or anything that could be harmful to the kids, so we decided to give the neem oil spray a try. Smells like absolute crap, but gets the job done. Haven't seen any pest activity on any of our plants since we sprayed. I took one of the affected pumpkin sprouts home and it has been growing like a weed, and still no sign of pests! This is now a must-have in my garden.


Neem Oil Spray

Reviewed by : Samia

These are okay, doesn't seem to be too effective and they smell pretty terrible. I still noticed buggies after usage.


Works great! 10/10

Reviewed by : Ja-me

I saw these little yellow specks on my desert roses and I thought it was just pollen so I didnt worry until the next day I saw my desert rose struggling and they were all over her. I was worried to spray anything on my plants, thinking it would kill them but I took the chance and she is back to looking healthy and strong and no more pests!!


It does keep garden pests away

Reviewed by : caroline

Neem oil has a garlicky, onion odor that appears to deter insects especially those that bore into the plant stems and leaves. I have now used it to to keep large lubber grasshoppers away from the center of my palms, my cannas and my red crepe myrtles. This is a great brand with a solid name in Neem Oil sprays. I have been using it for years. It shipped fast and priced great via Prime.


Safe to use

Reviewed by : Yesica

I had been in search for a product to clean the leaves of my plants. This has been so perfect, it helps the leaves from my plants stay healthy, with a glossy appearance, and really showcase their gorgeous big leaves. I like that the nozzle has different spray options, the bottle is a good size for the money you spend and I am able to clean my plant leaves in no time. I am purchasing it again!


Works great, smells terrible.

Reviewed by : RD

Sprayed my rose bush for avids. They went away, but came back. Sprayed a second time and they're gone now. Organic, safe for the environment.